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EGUMPP Grammar Bowl Testimonials

My son will attend Yale University in the fall. Thanks to the training and preparation from EGUMPP, he scored perfectly in SAT Writing and only missed one question in SAT Reading.
– Jessica Chang, Parent of 2012 Grammar Bowl Finalist

For those parents who fervently desire to invest in their children's education which lasts a lifetime, EGUMPP is the solution.
– Wei Kinnie, Parent of 2012 Grammar Bowl Finalist (Son Attends Stanford University)

This was a life-changing event. It so greatly improved my grammar skills.
– Mercedes Larios, 2011 Grammar Bowl Champion, Current Student at Georgetown University

The Arizona EGUMPP Grammar Bowl was a tremendous success, and I strongly support its continuation and growth.
– Rich Crandall, Former Arizona Senate Education Chairman

What an intense and exciting experience. This was beyond impressive. I want to take a look at the software that’s behind this.
– John Huppenthal, Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction