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The War of the Roses EGUMPP Grammar Bowl is a unique opportunity for 9th grade students in Lancaster County and York County to participate in an academic competition focusing on grammar concepts.

Students compete in multiple rounds to reach the finals. The finals is a live event where the top 32 participants from the Red Rose County (Lancaster) and the top 32 participants from the White Rose County (York) will compete live on-stage for prizes that include scholarships, gift cards, iPads, and a family trip to Disney World in Florida.

The EGUMPP Grammar Bowl will be open to all 9th grade public school, private school, charter school, and homeschooled students in Lancaster County and York County. There is no charge to participate in the EGUMPP Grammar Bowl.

Grammar and writing skills are essential in today’s digital world.
Poor grammar and writing has reached an epidemic level. How often have you received an email that is difficult to read because of poor grammar or writing? Maybe it was a cover letter or resume that you quickly discarded because of too many mistakes. There is a concentrated effort nationwide to improve our students' math and science skills, and it is now time that we place the same emphasis on improving our students' grammar and writing skills because these skills are necessary to succeed in today's digital workplace.

Consider these startling facts:
  • On both the SAT and ACT, the lowest sub-scores are from the sections that include writing and grammar.
  • On the 2011 National Performance in Writing Test, only 27% of both 8th and 12th graders scored proficient or better.
  • A 2013 Society of Human Resource Management Survey reports that, "Forty-nine percent of human resource officials polled by the organization said this year's [2013] college graduates lack basic English skills in grammar and spelling."
  • In the Career Advisory Board’s 2014 Job Preparedness Indicator survey, the executive summary states: “At the entry-level, the greatest gap between what hiring managers are looking for and what candidates are showcasing occurs with the adaptability and written communication skills.”
  • More than two-thirds of salaried jobs require a significant amount of writing, yet top organizations are spending $3 billion per year on remedial training for employees.

EGUMPP (English Grammar Usage Mechanics Punctuation Program) is a highly interactive online platform for teaching grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. EGUMPP builds conceptual understanding and concrete skills using extremely effective techniques and exercises.

Students who complete EGUMPP obtain a solid grammar foundation that enables them to become better writers and make fewer mistakes in their writing.The EGUMPP modules provide a complete program for teaching grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing mechanics. The four-module suite is designed for middle school, high school, and post-secondary students. The four modules can be completed in 40 to 60 hours.

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Bob Safran is the creator of EGUMPP. Bob's educational experience includes several years as a public school teacher, several years as a computer science editor for Science Research Associates (SRA) – an IBM subsidiary, and thirty-five years of post-secondary experience as the founder and CEO of Consolidated School of Business (CSB).

Realizing the importance of having his CSB students develop proficient writing and editing skills, Bob created a unique grammar coding system similar to diagramming sentences to use with his students at CSB. The continued development of this paper and pencil coding system resulted in the publishing of a reference manual called Business English Essentials: Points to Remember and Rules to Follow and two accompanying workbooks.

In 1998 Bob realized that his unique learning system would be more effective as a computerized learning system; and as a result, Bob developed a CD-based learning system called EGUMPP. This version proved to be a successful approach to improving grammar, usage, punctuation, and writing skills at Bob's school as well as at several other schools.

By 2008, the extensive class testing of the CD version of EGUMPP, user recommendations, and the absolute necessity for EGUMPP to become an online product led to the development of the online version of EGUMPP.

In 2011, with sponsorship from Grand Canyon University in Arizona, Bob conducted the first ever EGUMPP Grammar Bowl for 8th and 9th grade students throughout the state of Arizona. This first Grammar Bowl was highly successful and led to a second Grammar Bowl in 2012. Testimonials from participants of both Arizona Grammar Bowls have proven Bob's belief that building a grammar foundation is critical for helping to ensure the college-readiness of students. Finalists and their parents from both Arizona Grammar Bowls have attested that the grammar foundation acquired from completing EGUMPP and participating in the Grammar Bowl have led to the finalists' extremely high scores on their SATs and their ability to be accepted at universities including Georgetown University, Yale University, and Stanford University.