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Getting Started with EGUMPP

The Grammar Bowl competition begins with participants completing the EGUMPP Grammar Module (Module I). To access this module, you will need to create an EGUMPP Student Portal account and register your license key.

Follow the instructions below to create your EGUMPP Student Portal account, register your key, and begin using the EGUMPP Grammar Module.

STEP 1: Create an EGUMPP Student Portal Account

Open your web browser and go to

Click on the Create an account button.

Complete the Create an EGUMPP Account form.

Then click on the Create an account button.

STEP 2: Register Your License Key

On the Home Screen, click on the Register a Key button.

Enter your Module I License Key, and then click on the Register button.

When asked if you would like to enroll in a class, select the No option, and then click on the Continue button.

A "success" message will display, and you will have the option to register another key. Click on the No button.

You are now ready to begin using the Modulde I!

STEP 3: Begin Module I

Click on the Module I tab, and then click on the Begin Module I button.

Read the terms, and then check the I agree to the terms above checkbox.

Then click on the Accept button.

This is the Module I Main Menu.

Click on the Module I Introduction button.

Click on the Introduction Video for a short introductory video about Module I.

Click on the Continue button to learn more about Module I.

This is the Lesson Menu for the first lesson.

Begin the lesson by clicking on the Lesson Video button and watching the video.

Next, click on the Introduction button and read the Lesson Introduction.

Then click on the Points to Remember button and read the content in this section.

Start the first exercise by clicking on the Tutorial Exercise button.

Once you complete the Tutorial Exercise, the Lesson Reinforcer (the next excercise) will become available.

How To Complete a Lesson

Each lesson includes lesson content and three exercises. Begin each lesson by watching the Lesson Video and studying the content in the Lesson Introduction and the Points to Remember sections.

Next complete the three lesson exercises. Each exercise includes on-screen and video instructions. The exercises must be completed in this order.

1) Complete the Tutorial Exercise.

2) Complete the Lesson Reinforcer.

3) Complete the Practice to Mastery (PTM) test. This is a graded exercise. You can repeat a PTM to improve your grade as many times as you desire.

Lastly, complete the Terms Identification and Writing Tasks Flash Card Comprehension sections.

How The EGUMPP Module I Final Grade Is Calculated

Module I - Grammar

Your Module I Grade is a combination of your 20 lesson grades and your mastery test grade. Your 20 lesson grades are averaged together and account for 50 percent of your Module I Grade, and your mastery test grade accounts for the other 50 percent of your Module I Grade.

Until you begin the mastery test, you may retake any lesson test as many times as you wish to improve your lesson grade. You lesson grade is only updated if you improve your lesson grade. Once you begin the mastery test, you can no longer improve any lesson grade. The mastery test may be attempted three times.

How To Qualify for the Semifinals

1) Registered participants have until 11:59 p.m. EDT on April 9, 2016 April 23, 2016, to complete the EGUMPP Grammar Module (20 lessons and a mastery test) with a minimum final grade of 91%

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